How does your service work and what do you need from me?

  1. We start with verifying your Driver License status, for that please share driver license number, expiry date and e-mail used for confirmation.
  2. After we successfully verified your information and confirmed your MTO fee is paid (please make sure that MTO fee is paid before contacting us to expedite processing of your request), we will start searching a road test appointment at locations you mentioned and on the dates you requested.
  3. We find appointment (on average can take up to 72 hours or more depending on locations and dates) and send you email.
  4. You confirm your appointment.
  5. Send us payment via e-transfer (we will send you our email address for that).
  6. You are set for the road test!

What is your fee?

Our fee is $150, and you are asked to pay only after we book your a road test, there is no risk to use our service.

I paid for your service but my appointment has been cancelled, will I get the refund?

We are working hard to get you appointment and we also have expenses for every booking we do, so we can’t provide refund, but keep reading, we are offering free (or 50% discount) reschedule if one of the conditions allies to you:

  1. Appointment was cancelled due COVID-19 lockdown – we will book you next road test for free.
  2. Appointment was cancelled by DriveTest and they provided full refund (weather or other reasons) – we will book you next road test for free.
  3. Appointment was cancelled by DriveTest and they charged 50% fee – we will book you next road test with 50% discount.
  4. Other cancellations – please contact us with details and we will decide case by case.

What type of road test bookings you can make on my behalf?

We can book G and G2 road test on your behalf.

What does your fee cover?

Our fee covers the cost of running our booking service. It is an additional fee that you pay on top of DriveTest fees.

Why should I choose your service? What benefits will I get?

Our services are meant to save you time and book your road test without any hassle. We will search appointment for you which will confirm your criteria(s): location, dates etc.

When you choose us, you don’t have to visit DriveTest web site consistently to look for convenient bookings. With our fastest booking system, your chances of getting the road test booking are higher, because most of the tests are booked within a few minutes of becoming available.

We get you instant updates of available bookings or any cancellations.

Most locations are booked for more than 30 days, but we can get you appointment sooner.

If you do not need urgent appointment, we encourage you to check official DriveTest website for appointments availability.

Will you get me the booking on the date and location I want?

Yes, we try hard to get you an ideal booking, but we can’t guarantee as it all depends on the availability of the dates. However there’s also no risk. If we are unable to book a road test appointment for you, we will refund your payment. Also in most cases our success rate is close to 100%.

When will I get notified about the booking?

As soon as we book your appointment, we will notify you via mail. Else, we will keep on updating you about your booking status.

What payment methods you accept?

At this moment we only accept e-transfer after you get appointment booked.

What if I need to change my booking date?

Please email us or send message using this website immediately as we will change your booking request without any additional charges.

What if I need to cancel my booking?

Please email us and we will let you know what we can do in this case.

How long does it take to get appointment?

This highly depends on the conditions you put in the order. Generally we book in 72 hours on average order but it can take longer if you want something very special. We recommend not to ask for specific time of the day as this will restrict our choices considerably.

I submitted an order but did not get appointment right away, why is that?

Our service is to search appointment for you, meeting the condition you put in the order. Therefore we can’t book appointment right away because most likely it does not exist at the moment, we will keep searching for appointment to fit your conditions. We will send you separate email with appointment confirmation.

I read/heard that all Road Test Booking sites are fraud

There is a misunderstanding, some sites are probably doing some sort of a fraud as they are trying to charge you for service they do not provide and trying to get away with something hidden in their terms and conditions, for example: “we will try to book your road test on the dates you requested, however if there is no appointment available we will book you next available date”. We do not practice that, we are clearly stating that we will book you road test only on the dates you have requested. We do provide honest and transparent service. Also note, that we do not charge upfront fee. Only requirement is to have MTO fee paid (you can pay by booking an appointment or calling DriveTest and ask an operator to take payment for the road test).

How can you provide service without upfront fee?

We are making sure that our clients are happy with provided service and we put trust in you. Please pay (e-transfer) as soon as possible after receiving you appointment confirmation. Please note all unpaid appointment will be cancelled, please note that DriveTest can confiscate your MTO fee if appointment is cancelled less than 48 hours before scheduled time.